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Fun and Easy Music Lessons
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We offer guitars, ukuleles, amplifiers
accessories, and do restringing 🙂

John Graham

Kim is a great person and I really enjoyed his friendly, and warm welcome, and his approach. I played for about 30 minutes on the two guitars. Kim asked me how things were going a few times, in a very nice way, just to make sure I was ok. Great shop, great service…I’m already in love with this guitar.

San Diego
Sarah W.

I have always loved paying this store a visit as it is a hidden local gem and provides a much better quality (not to mention less overwhelming) experience than going to Guitar Center. The owner Kim Andrews is so friendly and welcoming, and so knowledgeable about guitars. He makes every customer walking in the door feel comfortable and important and like an old friend.

San Francisco
Jacqueline C.

I can't imagine a more positive,
upbeat, and inspiring music teacher
than Kim Andrews.

Newport Beach, CA
Mike E.

Kim has a teaching style that he adapts to the individual student.

He’s supportive, encouraging and REMARKABLY patient.

Newport Beach, CA
Nassim’s Reflection
Molly...Singer Song Writer

Build Focus

Skill = Confidence

Have Fun Together!

Fun & Easy Lessons

All of our lessons are customized to You!

We’re here to help you begin or to continue your musical journey with our “Fun and Easy” lessons. You will be able to play songs with chords during your very first lesson. 🙂

Products & Services

What We Offer

If you need a new instrument, we can size you for the perfect fit! We have a wide variety of guitars and ukuleles—acoustic, classical and electric, and all of the accessories for them…amplifiers, gig bags, music stands, books, picks, cables, strings, tuners, straps, capos, etc. We do Restringing, as well.


We have great acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars in many sizes for you.


Looking for an electric? We’ve got them. We restring them, too.


Yes, we have those also, and in different sizes.


Many brands and sizes to choose from for the perfect fit. Electric ukuleles, too!


For acoustic-electrics, electric guitars and ukuleles.

Stands and Accessories

Music stands, guitar stands and mic stands...plus instrument accessories.

Featured Brands

We have a wide variety of instruments

Lots of well known, very dependable brands-so you know your purchase will last and last. We stand behind our products.

Dean Guitars



Dunlop Music Accessories


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